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How We Screen

Finding the most responsible tenant(s) is always the number one decision when leasing a home (rental price is actually number two). That is why P.M.I. East Bay SCREENS, SCREENS, SCREENS!

We know that terrible tenants don’t just “happen” overnight. They’ve usually been trouble for a while — and, such, leave a trail. Our job is to sniff out this trail before they’re allowed on your property.  It’s safe to say that tenant screening is the key component to being a successful property manager.

Screening tenants allows us to dig into a potential tenant’s background and discovering who they really are. An application can only tell us so much – and can be easily manipulated or falsified. Screening a tenant means that we will look into the information they provided, as well as analyzing outside information and come to a reasonable estimate on the kind of tenant they will be. Granted, there are no sure-fire ways to know the future quality of a tenant. It’s our job to simply screen effectively and choose the best possible applicant for your property.

Top 8 criteria when evaluating every tenant:

  • Income (3x Rent)
  • Credit History
  • Criminal Record
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Current Employment
  • Past Employment
  • Current Rental History
  • Past Rental History

We make no lazy decisions when it comes to screening tenants. We do not want individuals who are not fundamentally responsible leasing your asset. This is why PMI East Bay has an eviction rate of less than 1% of all tenants placed.

We know that tenant screening is one of the smartest steps we can take towards making your property management experience as headache-free as possible — and protecting your investments.

P.M.I. East Bay is confident that the tenants we place in your property will be responsible and reliable. In fact, we screen all applicants using eight criteria. We want you to have peace-of-mind knowing that your property is being leased to the most responsible tenant(s). That is why we offer the industry’s only safe renter guarantee.

PMI Eastbay Tenant Gaurantee

If any tenant placed and managed by P.M.I. East Bay is evicted for any reason, or skips before the end of any active lease agreement, P.M.I. East Bay will:

  • Reimburse to the owner up to $1000 in any lost rents not covered by the security deposit
  • Procure a replacement tenant at no charge