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PMI Versus Other Property Managers

On Time Draw Payment

We are so sure our tenant screening is so effective,  you will get your standard owner draw payments by the 12th of each month, or our services for that month are free. We will always ensure that your operating trust account is replenished to the agreed upon minimum balance.

Our Eviction Guarantee

PMI East Bay has strict tenant screening procedure to ensure you’ll have qualified, high paying tenants.  We use both human and software based background checks, so few things escape our notice.

As a result, we have one of the lowest eviction rates in the industry. However, we wanted to give you extra protection even if unforeseen events cause the tenants to be evicted.

If the tenant we place ever needs to be evicted, we will cover all legal and court expenses up to $2,000.

We Know And Obey All Fair Housing Laws

Fair Housing laws clearly state that you cannot take specific actions against rental applicants based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or handicap. These actions include refusing to rent a property, setting different rental terms for specific applicants, or providing different housing services for some renters. Our knowledge of these laws will help you avoid lawsuits and other legal headaches.

We Require The Proper Tenant Insurance

Tenant must carry $100,000 minimum liability. Requiring tenants to purchase their own insurance policy is the only real way to protect their possessions. For a tenant, it’s relatively inexpensive, often less than $20 per month. Most people can simply add it as a discounted rider to their existing auto insurance policy.


We Do Not Sell Real Estate

When you hire PMI East Bay, you’re hiring a property manager. Period. We don’t sell real estate. That means we’re not looking for the next big deal and the next big commission that comes with it. We leave that up to the Realtors and Brokers we work with. However, we can definitely recommend good ones when and if you need a good Broker/Realtor.

Easy Exit Guarantee

And if for any reason we fail to live up to the expectations you have for us, we don’t deserve your business. We’ll gladly release work with you on a month-to-month basis after your first year contract is up.

P.M.I…The Nations Largest Property Management Company

The property management industry is one of the most stable growth industries in the nation. When you become part of the Property Management Inc. family, you get to become part of an industry that grows consistently, year in and year out. Property Management Inc. has developed a proprietary system for establishing, operating, and marketing a property management company, which no other property manager franchise can match.