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Property Management Fremont and East Bay

Property Management Inc. East Bay is a top full-service property management company in Fremont and East Bay. Our team works hard to reduce stress and frustration property owners often face from dealing with tenant retention to collecting rent. At Property Management Inc. – East Bay, we understand better than anyone how challenging it can be to become successful at property management. We have created a six step method that allows us to be one of the most successful property firms in California.

Our Specialties

We specialize in managing rental properties, which include single family homes, townhomes, condos, 2-4 unit properties and small commercial buildings. Our full service management includes: determining market rent, advertising, screening, tenant placement, enforcing the lease, maintenance, accounting, and risk management. The company currently manages hundreds of properties throughout the East Bay.

With our experience, our team will help your property have shorter vacancy cycles, tighter rent collection procedures, lower maintenance requirements, better tenant retention, and reduce repair costs. Don’t let the stress of managing property overwhelm you! As property owners ourselves, we understand better than anyone how to successfully manage properties. We will treat your property in East Bay like it’s our own!

Seeking Properties for Rent in East Bay

Are you looking for the ideal property to rent? Property Management Inc. provides services for the tenants in need of a place to rent. Our exclusive database of property owners and real estate connections allow us to help all types of tenants seeking a new property.

Why Choose Our Property Management Services in Fremont?

Whether you own property in Fremont, Union City, or even across the Bay, we can provide you with a property management solution for your needs. Some of our services include:

  • Residential Retention Program
  • Advanced Marketing and Advertising
  • Property Maintenance
  • Customized Service Contracts
  • Personalized Accounting
  • Lease Enforcement
  • Proven Policies and Procedures
  • Market Rate Analysis and Market Rate Analysis
  • Proven Policies and Procedures
  • Background Checks and Comprehensive Screening
  • Monthly Statements
  • Emergency Response

We have random checks on the property to ensure it is staying properly maintained. We work with your tenants to ensure they are happy with the and continuing to pay their monthly rent and abide by the terms of the contract.

Shorter Vacancy Cycles

One of the most difficult aspects in dealing with tenants is due to problems with vacancy. If you have a high tenant turnover, and you struggle to keep your property filled, finding quality tenants can be a major challenge and frustration. Our expert marketing services are designed to attract quality tenants and ensure we have sought out the best people for your property. Some of the things we do include improving and preparing the property for new tenants and identifying the best rate for rent in the area. Making certain cosmetic changes to a property helps to increase its value and makes it more attractive to potential tenants. We find the best rental rate for the property to attract the ideal tenant. Using local market rates and our in-depth data on property values and rental rate tools, we set a rate that does strict the right balance for potential tenants.

As we seek new tenants that will be able to fill your property, we use proven marketing techniques designed to reach your key demographic. Our experienced property management team understands the East Bay area well and we know how to reach a large candidate pool in a short period of time. Our marketing and advertising services will ensure that your property has shorter vacancy cycle.

Tenant Retention

A great way to keep your monthly income from your property is by ensuring you have tenants. Dealing with a high turnover rate leads to an endless stress cycle for property owners. To prevent turnovers, we will stay in contact with the tenants and listen to their concerns. We want to make sure tenants are living in a property they are proud of and want to stay in for a long time. If there is turnover, we change the locks and make repairs and upgrades to the property to ensure it is ready for new tenants.

Our property management company in East Bay uses a time-tested retention program that allows us to keep tenants happy while ensuring property owners are receiving their monthly rent payments. Our program uses a consistent, systematic approach to offer the best property management services to the tenants.

Proven Rent Collection Process

Collecting rent is often one of the most difficult jobs for property owners. We use a proven rent collection process that ensures property owners continue to receive their monthly payments on time and in full. We work hard to ensure property owners do not need to worry about obtaining the monthly rent payment. Since we do not have the same personal relationships with the tenants, it is easier for us to step in and be the “middle man” in charge of obtaining rent or late payments.

Handling Evictions

Property owners can struggle with people that are not paying their payments on time. There is a certain level of cash-flow that needs to remain consistent to keep everything working effectively. When people stop paying or pay late, they are in violation of their rental agreement. We follow California law related to evictions and have a strict process when it comes to handling evictions.

Reduced Maintenance and Repair Costs

Maintaining and repairing the property can start to add up. If regular maintenance is not done on a continual basis, the value of the property will start to diminish. Good maintenance and repair work must be done properly to prevent more expensive property repairs and upgrades in the future.  We have a team behind us at Property Management East Bay that provide in-house maintenance and other services. We have an extensive network we turn to for unique repair services including electrical needs, plumbing repairs, HVAC companies, and more.

Emergency Services

If you have ever dealt with a phone call in the middle of the night from an upset tenant, you can understand why it might be nice to have a property manager in charge of these calls. Emergency tenant issues are challenging and they must be taken care of immediately. Failure to respond in a timely manner to your tenant’s needs can cause them to start looking for a way to get out of their lease or rental agreement as you have failed in your ability to provide them with a nice property that is safe. Don’t let your property fall to waste. Property Management Inc. East Bay has a team of people standing by to help your tenants with emergency situations.

Why You Need Property Managers

When we take over your property management services, we focus on making your life easier. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to hire a property manager:

  • Reduced stress – outsourcing your property management needs gives you a chance to focus on other areas of your life. We deal with all of the details that makes it hard to deal with tenants. If you have tenants that wreck your property, it is our job to fix it and evict anyone in violation of their lease or rental agreement.
  • Freedom – not only will property owners enjoy less stress; they will finally have more freedom to pursue other investments or to spend more time doing the things that they love the most. Property owners do not need to worry about hiring companies for lawn mowing and other details needed to maintain the property. With one more thing off your plate, it gives property owners the freedom they crave without all the hassle to obtain the funds each month.

Property Management Inc. – East Bay is focused on your business. We take each one of our clients seriously and focus on our ability to correctly maintain your property. We take the time to create one-on-one relationships with our clients, and promise we will be able to save you time and money!

The real estate industry is ever-changing, which makes it challenging for property owners to stay updated with the latest changes. Property Management Inc. has the experience needed to stay profitable in a real estate that is always changing. We work hard to improve properties to bring the best tenants to your location. Let our qualified experts help you by taking over all your property management needs.

Rely on Property Management Ine. East Bay

We pride ourselves on offering professional, responsible services to our clients throughout the East Bay area. We make it our goal to help you with all of your property management needs. Do you have a question about our services, or you need assistance in locating a property for rent, call us today!

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